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How To Stop A Dog Begging At The Table

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The best way to stop a dog from begging for scraps as you and others eat is to prevent the habit from forming in the beginning, in which case you have to be firm with them from puppy stage. However, if your dog is getting into the habit of begging, you should first of all ignore them completely when you are eating. This means there is no eye contact or and telling off at all.

You have to remain consistent and never feed the dog at the table, as this will only confuse them. If you do want to give him scraps, put them in his dish in another room, or to keep him occupied during the meal, put him in the other room with a few scraps of the meal everyone else is having, this should distract him and keep him busy.

After the meal make sure you show the dog that you are happy with his behaviour and maybe give it a treat, but make sure this is done away from the dinner table so the dog is constantly getting the message that the table is not where he is going to be fed.

Make sure other family members and guests know the rule of ignoring the dog at the table, otherwise he will think it is okay to go to other people and beg as they eat.

Train the dog to stay sitting for a long period of time during the meal if he is in the room, but if this doesn't work, remove him and don't let him in when you are eating. All his feeding should take place in another room.

By: Bev on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

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