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How To Stop Chicken Pox From Itching

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To stop chicken pox from itching, put some porridge oats inside a foot cut from a pair of tight.. tie in a not and then fill a bath with water and bath with porridge oats... this will stop the itching.

By: Kathryn Cox on Sun, Oct 3rd 2004

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How To Ease the misery of Chicken pox

Doc says. At first your child doesn’t feel well. Out of sorts.
You put him to bed and notice a tiny bump on his belly.
In the morning a whole flock has escalated.

It’s a fairly harmless malady, that can strike babies, children, and adults.
For a week or two it is almost continual.
At first there may be a mild fever, then blisters, then itching, and finally scabs.
After your child has them, their usually gone for good.
Unless you have another susceptible child in the house, that hasn’t been through them yet.

Supply Pain Relief.
If the fever or itching makes your child unbearably uncomfortable, you can give Children’s Tylenol. Check the package directions for correct dosage.
Children under two years see doc.
If fever isn’t making him uncomfortable.
It is one of the body’s disease fighting mechanisms.
NEVER GIVE A CHILD WITH POX ASPIRINS. They have been linked to Reye’s Syndrome. A potentially life threatening complication.

Dress Child Lightly.
The cooler you keep your child the first 48 – 72 hours, the less discomfort he will have.
Cotton is best choice. The least irritating.

Supply SomeCool Relief.
Put child in a cool bath. No not cold he’ll shiver.
This will help bring the fever down.

Try An Itch Relief Bath.
A bath in Colloidal Oatmeal is very soothing. It is a ground powder, found at drug stores.
The brand name is Aveeno. Directions are on the box.
DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO STAND IN THE BATH. This product is very slippery.

Or Soothe On Soda.
Baking soda is perfectly good to. Mix ½ cup in a shallow bath. Or 1 cup in a deep bath.
Use a washcloth to spread the bath water, over infected areas.

Cool That Itch.
If your child has one or two itching,, wring out a cold wash cloth. Lay it on the area for five minutes. Coolness on the sight of the itch, can counteract the itching. Make sure the smoothe side of the cloth is touching the skin. The rough side is too irritating.

Keep Your Child Clean.
Give him a daily bath and shampoo. This keeps the sores clean, and helps prevent infection. Change pajamas nightly, and diapers frequently. This reduces risk of sores getting infected.

Control All Scratching.
Explain good to your child that he must not scratch. Scraching causes infection and scarring. Supply a cool wash cloth, to prevent him from ripping his skin open.

Clip Those Nails..
Keep their nails cut short. Scratching with fingernails can lead to infection, and permanent scarring. Also keep them trimmed for several weeks after.

Treat With An Antibiotic.
If any of the pox shows signs of infection, such as redness around them, or pus apply an ointment such as Neopsporin, or Polysporin. If more than a few infected, see doc.

Or Try Calamine Lotion with Phenol.
This type of lotion works as a topical anesthethic, and can help with the itching. Be sure an put it on the pox only. DO NOT SMEAR ALL OVER THE SKIN. This gets absorbed into the skin. DO NOT EXCEED PACKAGE DIRECTIONS.


KEEP YOUR CHILD OUT OF THE SUN.Children who have recently had pox, or are about to come down with them, should be extra careful, about sun exposure.
Children who become sunburned during the incubation period, or close to break out time, will have a worse case of them. So if you know of pox going around, keep your children off that sun drenched playing field.

Get Out That Protector.
Apply sunscreen with SPF sun protection factor of 15 or higher.

Get the Best Relief Of All.
Dyprotex one of the better anti itch formulas, does not crust. There is a less chance of scarring. Apply this after you get out of your vinegar bath. Mix up 1 cup of white vinegar
And ½ cup baking soda. Toss in your bath. Soak 20 minutes. Get out dry off and apply the Dyprotex. You can also use this vinegar mix, and soak any itching later on.

The older you are the worse case you will have. It’s hardest on the adults who have never had them before. They can even run into cases of pneumonia.

But remember anyone taking cancer drugs or cortisone must alert his doc immediately of the first sign of pox.

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