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How To Stop Hiccups

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Drink a teaspoon of vinegar - works every time!

By: Chris Cannon on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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Put a paper towel over a glass of water and hold it around the sides and drink through the paper towel.

Eat a spoonful of sugar and then drink a little water..

I always hold my breath and count to 20 then take deep breaths usually works..

Get a 8oz glass of water, bend over as much as possible and drink slowly. It usually works on the first time if not, then for sho the second time .

Eat one teaspoon of peanut butter - always works .... if you don't like peanut butter you can try one tablespoon of mustard .... or sugar.

Get a cup of water and sip it 9 times fast (only 9 times). The hipcups don't have time to think. :).

Drink a large glass of water in one go. Keep drinking until you have to come up for air, then take deep breaths between each gulp of water. Literally, deep breath out (gulp) deep breath in (gulp) etc.
Sounds odd, but it's the only way I can ever get rid of mine. Either that or holding my breath til I am fit to burst.
Be careful!

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