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How To Stop Kids Arguing On Holiday

Relationships : Family Holidays

One of the frustrating things for parents on holiday is children arguing.

You have looked forward to the precious time off work or perhaps being away from the home and want to kick back and relax.

But arguing children all the time can make the holiday anything but relaxing and can add to the stress.

So how can you stop them arguing?

Well, some arguments are due to alleged favouritism and taking the side of one kid over another. So balance that out right up by letting them each come up with a list of things they want to do and devote equal time to each over the course of the holiday.

If they bicker and argue about who has each room or bed in the holiday place, then toss a coin or something for it.

If they argue over where to go for dinner, then again let one choose one night and the other the next.

By being fair and equal you remove their ability to argue that something is unfair, which is the cause of most arguments between them.

By: Stephanie

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