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How To Stop Ladder Marks

DIY : Home Repair

When you do DIY that requires you to elevate yourself through means of a ladder then you can be sure that nasty marks can appear on the wall where the ladder was when you take it away.

So what can you do to stop that given that you have to use a ladder to get to those places in the house?

Well what you can do is simply use some old household socks and place those over the ends of the ladder.

This means that when it is up against the surface then it won't rub, but make sure that the ends are still able to grip suitably.

You should always make sure that there is someone underneath the ladder supporting it at all times and only climb a ladder when you are sure it is safe to do so,if in any doubt about the safety of using the ladder then get the professionals in and don't climb yourself to avoid injury!

By: Artiste

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