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How To Stop Spots

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I think the best way to stop spots is actually nothing to do with creams or lotions. Simply fresh air is the best medicine. These days we spend so little time outdoors that we are stuck with stuffy air the whole time.

I have found that when I started going for regular jobs - combining fresh air and exercise - the spots soon disappeared, much cheaper than those expensive creams which rarely seem to really work!

By: Sarah on Sun, Aug 18th 2002

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Hey! just wanted to give you some advice.This is proven by 85% no spots Eat oily fishes and brasil nuts regually and you are proven to get rid of oil and dirt in your pours which will get rid of all spots!.

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i havent got that many spots but im in year seven and none of my friends have st...
- Sun, Jun 13th 2004

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