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How To STOP Spots, Blackheads, And Spot Scars.

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Follow these tips correctly, and you will do fine, and your skin will be glowing.
1.) wet skin with warm water, wash for a minute, then wash with cold. pat dry with clean towel. then wet again with warm water, and wash with 'Garnier PureActive Deep Pore unclogging wash' ( it will wash poors deeply, helps fight spots, reduces redness, and clear spot marks and dirt).rub in circulare motions, then rinse thouroughly off. DO THIS TWICE DAILY.

2.)Next, wash with 'Garnier PureActive Blackhead Scrub'.(It will do the same, but is stronger, and clears out blackheads, and blackhead marks. It also reduces whiteheads, and refreshes the skin). DO THIS EVERY TWO DAYS. it is a bit to strong to be used every day, but you can use it daily, if ou arent, using the wash that is mentioned in number (1.).

3.)Pat face dry. Apply 'Palmers Cocoabutter Formula'. It has vitamin E, which blends marks, it tones skin, softens smooths and releives dry skin, and has a delicous cocoa smell, leaving you feeling very nice. Do this as much as possible.

4.) If you have any spots, get a cotton bud, and apply 'Tea tree oil' neatly onto it at the end. Then dab gently onto the spot, do this once in the morning and the evening. It will dry out the impurities inside the spot, and reduce it in size. You can find 'Tea tree oil' in any local drug store, but i suggest you buy the small bottle from boots, it is the best one that i know of.

-Also, drink 8+ glasses of water a day.
-eat as much fresh fruit and veg as possible, otherwise try and drink 3-4 glasses of orange juice a day.
-keep hair and hands away from face.
-Wash hands, underneath nails, and fingertips while doing the routine so as to prevent more germs spreading to your skin.
-Change pillowcase as much as possible.

Hope i helped !!

By: Puja

More spots advice

I used tooth paste for spots and it worked ! :) and i used the sugar mask and it really helped ! :)
Tooth Paste : put a little bit of tooth past in a spot (only spots with white heads) and leave over night and wash off in the morning ! :)
Sugar Mask : get a bowl and some Granulated Sugar and some luke warm water , mix together and apply to affectied area's, the sugar mask redused the redness in spots and in your face , :) Enjoy x ♥

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