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How To Straighten Hair Without Using Straighteners

Beauty : Haircare

Hair Straightening

Forget hair straighteners and straightening irons. If you want to get your hair straight then use an iron. Honestly, a household iron! Now don't do this too often, just save it for special occasions or else your hair will eventually get frazzled! Make sure your hair is completely dry and as straight as you can get it from blow drying.

Straightening technique

Part your hair into two sections, like you are putting it into pigtails. Put one half of you hair into a pig tail with a bobble and concentrate on the other loose side of your hair. Take a small section of this one half of your hair and clip the rest of it back. Take a tea towel and cover your hand with it.

Put this hand on the underneath of your hair, by your face and take the iron, make sure its set on steam and place that on the outer side of your hair and run both hands down your hair to the ends. Now I know you are probably thinking "What! My hair will burn", but I promise you it won't.

Once this section of hair is straight, and believe me it will go poker straight after 30 seconds, clip it up and get another section and repeat. Once one side of your head is done, tie that back into a pigtail and do the other side. Once you have finished your hair will be incredibly straight and very smooth and shiney.

Straightening thick hair

This technique is especially good on people who have very thick hair like myself, as normal straighting irons just wont work on such thick hair. And like I said, don't worry about your hair frying, I do mine every so often and have been doing for years, and I often get complimented on the condition of my hair. So give it a try and say hello to lovely straight hair whatever your hair type!

By: Clare McManmon on Sun, Aug 11th 2002

More hairdressing advice

Put some serum on the hair (not by the roots) when it is still wet. Too much serum on dry hair will give the impression of oily hair. (I know from experience!)

Use a bit of serum, I like Laminants gel by Sebastian. It's kind of pricy, but a tube will last you forever. Like you would do with a regular household iron, you can also use a really fat curling iron. I use a 1 1/2, but they come larger. Section hair and run the curling iron through the small section and curl just a little bit at the end.

With a little bit of practice, it shouldn't take long to do. I used to have really long hair and it only took me about 20 minutes.

Ironing your hair will ruin it. Invest in some ceramic strighteners which do not damage your hair as much but always use some type of product on your hair before strightening to protect it.

Products containing silicon are very good for straightening hair.

Just use a hairdryer! Put the hairdryer behind your hair and simply skim down over it! It's as simple as that!

With the hair dryer that my hair go really thick n frizzy.

Hair that's sensitive to humidity will curl more with the combination of heat and cold than anything else. Steam from an iron, or a spray of hairspray will make the ends fly up in curls. What should I use if I can't use steam, water or heat?.

Don't use an iron what a stupid idea just use a good pair of straightners they work better than an iron. You don't burn yourself!!!.

I use a house hold iron myself. instead of a tea towel i put a couple of socks over my hand and do it that way. its alot easier. alot of straighters dont work, and those ceramic things cost an arm and a leg. if u use an iron just make sure u do a hot oil treatment in ur hair once a week, or else ur hair will be fried to pieces..

I know that straighteners are exspensive, well if u get ceramic ones, but they are really good. using a iron can also be very dangerous! just use straighteners!!!! 100 straighteners are very good especially the morphy richards ones, good value! i think!.

Listen a blow dryer works really good just like a straightner! plus u dont have to worry about burning your self! but remeber to work from the top down when u blow dry it or it wont get straight! .

I blow dry my hair and thats just not enough to Straighten i agree a good pair of morphy richards straightener do the trick i know they cost a arm and a leg but they worth it and if u look after them they last years.just used the right hair products when straightening and your hair will not dry out..

GHD hair straighteners are the best in the world, if you have thick hair they are still fnatastic, sold ceramic and glide smoothly through any type of hair. They are about 90 though, so if you are on a budget but have thin hair use Remmington ceramics, they are great too for their price of 25..

Ok, 1st a blow dryer works FOR SOME!! I have naturally wavy, thick and course hair. I look like a battered lion if i only use the dryer, and that is with the boar's hair brush. I did, when i first started straightening my hair use a household iron. I did that 5 years ago with silk therapy and/or Jherri Redding. I still continue to use the silk therapy, but now i use a chi ceramic iron. I like it, but WOW it is time consuming. I still go back to the regular iron if I am in a hurry. FYI, the CHI can go up 365 degrees! and..... I live in Houston which is known for humidity. I am looking into "permanent" straightening. Yes i know it is not really permanent, but for a couple of months.... i can handle that. .

I am like most of you. i have very thick and wavy hair. i have a 2.5" curling iron that works magic. But, for temporary straightening, consult your hair dresser. there is a product that takes about 2 hours and costs 50 dollars that is well worth it. it lasts about 6 months. there is another produst called curl free that works well too..

I often use a pair of straighteners which didnt cost much they cost me about 20 from the tv shopping channel (QVC). They are really good ones to my cousin has the really expensive ones and she says that mine work much better than hers..

I use a straighting iron on my hair and it is very thick. try using a gold plated iron on ur hair it works great and they are not high on price. You can buy one for like 20.00 bucks..

I use a ceramic iron I have curly and frizzy hair It works very well and It only costs 20 dollars.

I just used a regular iron a week ago for the first time and it worked wonders. My hair was super straight. I use some olive oil in my hair afterwards for some extra sheen. I've been using the ceramic iron for years and it takes about 2 hours to finish (with waves still in my hair). I only use the ceramic iron for my bangs and the regular iron for the rest of my head. I have the thickest, waviest, bushiest, longest hair - so when I find my hair beautifully straight and tamed, that iron that I use to press my cloths must definitely work! Blow drying also makes me look like a lion no matter how right I blow dry it and straightening products just break my hair..

Look- I need real help!!! My hair is naturally curly but somewhat straight-and even when i straighten it with a CHI, it gets wavy within a few minutes. I'm afraid to use a household iron! R u sure it wont fry it? I have a cheap straightener and it just doesn't work. Blow drying does absolutely nothing!!!! Just fuzz and frizz! So please anyone- give me any ideas!!!.

I use a straightening cream for my curly hair. It does better than any straighteners or iron and it last longer also. i'm refering to that type of straightening cream where you buy it from pharmacies and apply it onto your hair just as what you would do for a hair dye. And wash similarly let it rest on you hair for an approximately 30 minutes and wash it off. The result will be straighter hair for a longer time. And it's very cheap also..

To Crazy_Blondie: Make sure your hair is not wet, damp, or even slightly damp before ironing your hair or you will definitely ruin your hair. Put your hair into several sections and tie them with a band. Iron each section and make sure you press hard. If you are still afraid, put a hankerchief over your hair. Never put the iron on high. Medium is best. Afterwards, flat iron it for best results and add olive oil. Good Luck!.

To crazy blondie: i say just try to use a household iron! using it once wont destroy your hair as long as you make sure its dry first, and if it works for you then there you go! i frequently iron my hair and its not in bad condition, using ghd iron oil also protects it. just try it! good luck ('',)


Listen, i also have naturally wavy, thick hair but i used to use a hairdryer, it worked really well! You just need to get the right technique going! i now have some straighteners and i start to straighten my hair with a hairdryer and finish it off with my straighteners. this way, you don't need to spend a lot of money on straighteners because they don't need to be great quality because you are only finishing your hair off..

I use "Wind-Down" relaxing creme by FRIZZ EAZE and my "brush" style hair dryer. I have natural wave in my hair and I've used this type of dryer since they invented them. My hair is halfway down my back, and the relaxing creme makes them so soft and adds a bit of shine also. I use it all the time..

I use an iron to straighten my hair and it works really well much better than with straightners. my friend does it nearly everyday nd still has hair to die for! it wont frazzle ur hair as straightners are usually just as hot or hotter than an iron.

Invest in straightners and cerium dont use the iron.. its not good for ur hair and will make it thin.. but remeber straightners are that good for ur hair either... so dont use every day....

I live in east texas with hot, humid, weather etc. I have tried everything to get my hair straight. I have thick, long, frizzy, curly hair that won't stop! I have a straightening iron that takes 3 hours to use because i have so much hair. I tried the household iron and have too many burns. I have spent large amounts of money at salons to straighten, but nothing works. I decided to put in some gel and let it go. That's the easiest way to do it.

Has anyone got Remmington wet to straight hair straighteners and would you recommend them?

Hey, why not just use straightners for wet and dry hair. you will know when you have done all of the hair because is goes dry wen straight. make sure u do bottom of hair making yuor way upwards, in stages of about 5/6.

Using irons is even worse that using hair straigteners so take my advise and dont use them as they make your hair worse than using hair straighteners

Ah, just apply coconut milk to your hair for quite some time, about 30 minutes, your hair will soften and fall straight.Coconut milk are not available in some countries

Hello, i just use herbal essences shampoo and then use the conditioner, and simply blow dry it whilst brushing it.
your hair doesnt go extremely straight but it does work. :D
hope it helps x

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