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How To Straighten Your Hair

Beauty : Haircare

1. Wash and condition. Some shampoos and conditioners may contain hair straightening properties, if so it will proclaim these. Try the Umberto Gianinni range. For shine, you may want the last rinse to be cold water.

Straight Hair!

2. Pat dry, comb, and add straightening balm. Charles Worthington's 'relax and unwind blow dry straightening balm' is very good, reasonably priced, and not tested on animals. Also, you may want to use root lift to give body to hair - apply to roots only.

3. Blowdry hair, holding the hairdryer at least 12 inches away so that you do not damage your hair.

4. Comb again. It will probably be straight enough, but if you want a poker straight look, then run a pair ofghd straighteners over your hair. Remember though, frequent use of straightening irons can damage your hair.

How to add shine to hair

5. Use hairspray and serum for shine if needed. 6. Voila!

By: Leona Glander on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

More hair straightening advice

Shampoos and conditioners to serums to protect your hair from any thermal damage are all products to consider. Combining these products will help to ensure you create a smooth sleek look with reduced frizz.

I had my hair professionally permanently straightened at a salon and it came out really nice. It was the Japanese thermal method.But at $70.00 an hour it was pricey. The roots needed to be done about 3 months later and my hairdresser told me to just use the Ogilvie Straightener kit if I wanted to save a ton of money. I bought it at the drugstore for 10 bucks and the results were amazing. It lasts for 3 months too !! Same as if I had it done in the salon.

I will always use it for now on.

Well what i do is use sunsilk straightening shampoo then apply loreal paris hot straightening cream to the hair avoiding the roots then blow dry it and its already straight you dont really have to straighten it.xbecx

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Questions about hair straightening:

I had my hair straightened at a salon and it came out silky and shiny and stayed...
- Tue, Sep 16th 2003

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