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How To Strengthen Relationships

Self Development : Relationships

There are many reasons for relationships not to be watertight, and this is often for simple reasons.

For instance, when you first start dating you simply won't be familiar enough with each other for there to be a really strong bond.

However, if you have a longer term relationship that is weakening, then there are things you can do to strengthen it.

One of the most common reasons is lack of tolerance from both parties. Inevitably there will be habits of one or other party which annoy the other.

One habit might be fine, but if there are several - then lack of tolerance can have a devastating effect on a relationship.

Assess the areas where you don't show much tolerance in the relationship, and try to be more accepting of their little foibles - unless they are dangerous or disgusting in which case trying to educate the other party might be useful.

By being more tolerant and accepting you can remove a lot of friction and tension from a relationship and help it strengthen and build for a long time into the future.

By: Stephanie

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To strenthen a reletionship with you boyfriend, try inviting him to your house if you have just got together with him, and invite him to your room.
you got to talk to him about your feelings inside and what you are having trouble with.
stick up for him anytime, if he dumps you or you dump him then try to make sure you still be friends.
hope i helped
sam xxx

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