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How To Structure Your Ecommerce Site

Business : ECommerce

There are some key questions that you should look to consider to help you work out the best structure of your site:

- What is the one main thing that I want customers to do when they reach the site?

In answer to this question, ensure that the homepage promotes that one thing most prominently - whether it is to sign up for an email newsletter that will give them information and sell them products, or something else

Then ask yourself:

What do I want my business to get from the site?

Once you know that, you can work out all the other key content pages, their relative priorities

This will start to give you a good idea of structure

Remember to keep content within one click of the homepage, and all content if possible within three clicks - people are reluctant to ever go deeper into a site that than number of clicks

Also consider asking people to perform certain tasks that have never seen the site before - see how easily they find the information you want them to find

Then get feedback on how easy they found it, and what could be done to make the route better

By: Stephen

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