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How To Style Your Hair For A Formal Event

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If you are preparing for a formal event like a wedding, a university ball etc, your hairstyle is as important as your dress and so you should decide in advance how you are going to style it. You want something special and different to your everyday look. If you have planned to have it styled professionally on the day of the event, you should go with some idea of what you want - it is worthwhile taking the time to find a few pictures in hairdressing or beauty magazines so that you can give your stylist a rough idea of what you want, and he/she can tell you if it is feasible, and advise accordingly.

How to style your hair formally

If you are going to style your own hair, then plan well in advance. The best way of visualising what style will suit best is to actually get changed into your dress and experiment how you look with your hair pinned up or blow dried into different styles. This way you can work out all the products and accessories that you will need for the night, whether it be curling tongs, straighteners, or a certain kind of mousse or balm.

Hair style tips for a formal occasion

When you have long hair you might want to wear it twisted up with loose tendrils to frame the face, especially if you are wearing a strapless dress or dress with spaghetti straps. Another idea is to have it blow dried then curled at the bottom, perhaps holding it in place with a diamante trimmed headband. You could alternatively pull back half a section and leave the bottom still curled.

With shorter hair you can still achieve a variation on your everyday look. It can be blow dried upside down to give extra volume and then you can accessorise with sparkly clips or headbands.

How to make hair sparkle

Any style can also be added to with a little spray on hair glitter for a sparkling effect. Remember though that hair glitter sheds a lot, so be prepared to be brushing it off your dress (and quite possibly the clothes of your partner) the next day!

By: Bev Woolfson on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

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