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How To Succeed At Work

Self Development : Success

Many people say that they want to be a success at work.

What you need to do is define what success is for you.

Broadly people fall into two categories.

For some, success is measured by how much money they earn. Working long hours doing dull calculations as an investment banker is actually a great success for many people.

Whilst for others, being a success is getting up each day, doing something they enjoy, and having a balanced working day so that they can still enjoy spending time in the evenings with friends and family.

So to succeed at work, you first need to decide what is success for you. If you prefer money to balance in your life, then option one above might be great, whilst for those who prefer the second option, that job would be hell on earth.

Only once you have defined success for you can you mould your work to fit. It may be that you need a total change of career to achieve success, in which case go for it. If you answer the question "am I doing what I want to be doing today?" with the answer "no" then it is time to change.

By: Stephanie

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