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Successful Marketing: Customer Testimonials

Business : Marketing

If there is one piece of marketing that is simple to do but you should make sure you do, it is to get customer testimonials.

The fact is that we are much more assured if other people also buy your product, and if we can view their feedback so much the better.

You know it is commonplace when for instance a small band performs a street concert, they will have someone they know come up and buy their CD at the end of the performance. This then sets the ball rolling for lots of others to then come and buy the product too.

The same happens with testimonials. If you just offer a product with no feedback or comments, then people may be reticent. If you offer loads of glowing feedback though from customers - testimonials - then it can increase the chances of someone else buying it.

After all, if person X thought it was so good and a really useful product for achieving Y, then why shouldn't it work for me, too?

By: Fred

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