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How To Swim Using The Breaststroke

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This form of swimming can be quite relaxing. To begin, your hands should be at chest level pressed together as if you were praying, your legs should be pulled up towards your chest and kept closed together.

The kick is done by kicking out and apart with your legs, then squeezing them together again. Your should extend your arms completely and point your toes after the kicking motion. This gliding is very important, so you should streamline your body as much as possible after kicking.

Let yourself glide for a moment with your arms in this position, then you simply turn your palms outwards and move your arms out and around in a circular motion until they are back in the position you began prior to kicking.

You have to get into a rhythm of breathing, so pull your head out of the water to take a breath as you make the pulling circular motion with your hands, and your head should go back down as you begin the next kick. Complete each kick before starting another pull.

By: Bev Woolfson on Thu, May 30th 2002

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