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How To Take A Sitz Bath For Hydrotherapy

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This Type Of Bath Helps With Many Disorders.

Doc Says:

A sitz bath increases blood flow, to the pelvic and abdominal area. It alternates cold and heat therapies, in order to treat many disorders. These include cystitis, hemorrhoids, and prostate problems.

To prepare a sitz bath fill the tub, so that the water covers the hips, and reaches the middle of the abdomen. The temperature of the water will vary, with your condition and type of illness you are treating.

If a small tub is available to contain your body, you can bathe the feet simultaneously, in a separate tub or pail. The temperature of the water in the foot bath, should always be a few degrees greater, than the temperature of the sitz bath.
You may want to cover your body with a sheet or blanket to increase comfort, and protect the body.

Fill a bath tub with relatively hot water, making sure the temperature of the water, does not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. But you may first want to bathe in water from 90 degrees F ? 110 degrees F.
The feet need to be submerged in slightly hotter water. Applying a cold compress to the forehead, may also help.

When using a sitz bath to treat any illness, soak for 20 ? 40 minutes. After the moist heat has soothed the body, you can further stimulate, by contrasting with cooler water.
You may wish to splash your body with some cooler water, before drying off.

Make sure that the sitz bath, foot bath , and cold compress are all prepared ahead of time.

Epsom salts may also be used.

By: Bev

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