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Tattoo Tips

Beauty : Skincare

Avoid tributes tattoos to your significant partner as this is a serious committment and it's likely that you may split up so it will be a big regret.

Be careful not to mispell your tattoo when you get it done. Make sure both you and the tattoo artist have spell checked it before hand.

Tattoos in other languages have become more popular in recent years, but before you make it permanent, make sure you have checked the characters with someone who can verify the language. Otherwise it may mean something you dont intend it to.

Think about when you get older, would you really want a tattoo on your lower back?

Find out about which areas hurt most to get tattooed. Your foot can be a very painful area for example, as there is very little skin.

Opt for a piece of jewellery if you want to signify something instead. Think about whether you really need a tattoo to show this. Also dont just get one done because all your friends are. A tattoo is for life.

By: Danielle

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