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Teaching Multiplication To Kids

Education : Maths

Here's a tip on this from reader Brian:

A great idea for teaching children their times table is to make it into a big board game, children love games and will be more proactive whilst playing they don't actually realize they are learning.

Simply make a board out of cardboard, and divide it up into squares, each box has a sum in it, if they get the sum right they get another go, by throwing the dice.

The child who manages to reach the end wins a small prize, doesn't have to be sweets, can be a ten pen piece for example.

It also encourages the children to take it in turns and that by getting the sums right it gets positively rewarded.

I have used this principle and it has proved to be popular, now the children want to make their own board game which encourages creativity too as well as getting them to learn their tables.

By: Stephen

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