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Teenagers Dealing With Problem Skin

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Problem skin can really affect you. I know from experience that 8/10 girls are unhappy with their skin and search for ages for ways in which to improve the appearance. Iím very experienced in this area, having a relative who is a dermatologist and having gone on courses for dermatology for fun too, and I suggest you keep reading!


Acne: acne is caused by a number of things. Excess oil produced by your pores clog them up and causes outbreaks of pimples which can be stressful. However, from recent research I have done I also found out the stress hormone triggers excess oil production. Think about it. Whenever youíre stressed, the Ďstress hormoneí automatically produces the oil. This means if you have recently acquired a pimple, and youíre stressed about it, a guaranteed one more will appear if you overly panic. So TIP NUMBER ONE: when you see a zit stay calm. I didnít believe this at first, then when I tried it out; just simply relaxing when I saw a HUGE zit on my nose formingÖit disappeared. That sounds corny and cheesy and fairytale fantasy untrue, but I suggest you try it. TIP NUMBER TWO: whenever you see a zit forming do the following:
-clean it. Then apply ice. This reduces inflammation (the redness) and reduces it in size.
-clean your fingers with antibacterial wipe or soap and apply TEA TREE OIL onto your finger, which you then apply directly onto the spot. Donít put on too much, because itís very strong and can dry out the skin surrounding the spot. It also smells incredibly strongly so donít use it before you go out anywhere, instead use it an hour before. Donít wash it off.
-once the tea tree oil has been absorbed, wash the spot and ice it down again. You need to do this twice a day until itís gone. You wonít even need to squeeze the spot.

Now, for SPOT MARKS: Aloe Vera, cocoa butter, and lemon juice are three notably amazing things. If you have pigmentation caused by acne, get a good 70-80% Aloe Vera gel based product and put it on your skin like you would with a normal cream. It reduces marks because it helps the old damaged cells repair and plumps your skin. If you can however, just buy an Aloe plant and once itís grown fully break a leaf off, peel it and use the jelly like substance inside-literally coat your face in it. Itís pure Aloe Gel so is very affective. COCOA BUTTER helps RAISED acne/spot marks-if you have the worst type off acne, Cocoa butter will helps smooth the spot remnants, HOWEVER if you have oily skin use it with caution because cocoa butter is extremely rich so wonít be kind to already oily skin. If you have dry skin itís great but if you have oily I suggest you go with the Aloe Vera instead. Lemon juice Ďbleachesí pigmented marks HOWEVER before trying this remember to ALWAYS PUT ON SUN CREAM because being exposes to the sun after doing this will darken the pigmented area so will make it worse. Get a lemon or lime, squeeze it and get a cotton bud/Q tip and saturate the bud with the juice. Apply this onto your marks. IT WILL STING. Leave it on for 15 minutes then wash off. If you find the sting unbearable and have dry skin mix the juice with honey ( not too much), and if you have oily skin mix the lemon juice with Aloe Vera juice or dilute it with water. Do this twice a day every day, and soon you will get great results, but NEVER go without sun cream after doing this because like I said earlier it will make it worse. Please, please REMEMBER THAT.

BLACKHEADS: you need a good scrub. You can get facial scrubs from ANYWHERE- I use one from the body shop (I live in the UK) and itís a Brazilian nut cream scrub which you massage onto your skin then wash off, however you get cleansing scrubs, cream scrubs, masque scrubs, from ANYWHERE. The hard beads/ sand in the scrub help fight those stubborn blackheads. Blackheads are caused by dirt in clogged pores, so hygiene is an obvious way of getting rid of/ avoiding blackheads. However if you have acne donít use a scrub, unless the blackheads or not anywhere near your spots. Scrubs are not good for acne.

WHITEHEADS- This is caused by EXCESSIVE EXFOLIATION. Donít go all ocd and obsessively exfoliate. Do it once a day, and donít use harsh products. If you can, do it every other day. Tretinoin (Retin-A, Avita, Renova) is the chief ingredient used in treatment of whiteheads and blackheads. Tretinoin is a derivative of vitamin A. When looking for an over the counter product, check its ingredients and look for this. If itís not there, donít buy it. Using scrubs is a good way of getting rid of whiteheads, so again, look for a scrub with Tretinoin in it.

DRY SKIN- drink 8 glasses of water a day. Massage a rich cream like Dove cream or LíOccitane because they are fab. Cocoa butter helps dry skin amazingly. Look for Palmers cocoa butter from your local pharmacist or boots/Superdrug.

OILY SKIN- did you know, when you wash your skin with a face wash/scrub before bed you wake up with oiler skin? Always wash your face with hot water, then cold water, at night. Hot water opens pores and cleans them, and tightens pores up so dirt doesnít get in. Use non oil based products- like I said before, try using Aloe because it isnít oily and is very moisturizing. Donít wash your face with a soap bar because it makes it worse. Get a face wipe so when youíre out and about you can quickly wipe it (and then reapply makeup if you put makeup on) Also, makeup makes your skin oilier so use LESS makeup.

For uneven skin tones, use Bio-oil. Itís an orange coloured oil you get from any good store, like Asda, Sainsburys, SuperDrug, Tescoís Boots. It actually works and fades marks and smooths skin.

By: Pujj X

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