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How To Tell A Friend Her Boyfriend Is Useless

Relationships : Teenagers

If your friend is going out with someone who is not right for her, for a range of reasons, then telling her can be a real hassle.

Although it is totally unfair we all know who will end up getting the blame for it: it will be your fault.

She will either be angry, deny it, say you are jealous, or say that she is going to change him / he has promised to change etc... the sort of thing that we all know when it is someone else is never going to happen but when it is ourself involved it is impossible to take our own advice.

So she is going out with a no-hoper, how do you go about telling her?

Well you can't tell her directly because that will lead to the hostility mentioned above. So instead you should do the old trick of talking about her and her feelings, rather than him directly.

For instance you can just ask if everything is ok because she has seemed a bit down lately, and that sort of thing. By asking in a caring, counselling way without mentioning her worse half, you have a much better chance... the golden situation would be her telling YOU that she doesn't think he is right for her, if you can get her to say that, you've done well.

By: Artiste

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