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How To Tell If An Online Dating Partner Is Lying

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Are they lying - is probably the top question that you ask yourself about someone that you talk to online through an online dating site. And of course until you meet them then you might think there is no way of finding out. But there are things you can do.

Remember that most liars are quite casual about it and therefore if they tell you something they may not be consistent down the line. Therefore note down anything you think is strange, then don't mention it for a week or two.

Then bring it up again or the subject casually and see if they give the same answer. Look for inconsistencies of times and dates or what really happen - these are usually a sure fire sign that something is amiss. If you talk over the phone too then see how quickly they react - when people lie they take longer and are slower to react as they need to think things through before answering to try to keep their story straight.

Of course, don't be paranoid about people you meet online, but if you think that something is amiss and have alarm bells going off inside of your head, then do consider if there are signs or signals that all is not quite right and as it appears to be!

By: Stephanie

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