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How To Tell If He's Right For You

Relationships : Finding The Right Man For You

Is he right for you?

Well that's a big question, and partly it depends on what you value. Here are some key things to look for.

First is reliability and punctuality. It's all very well with the occasional date that they are late but if you are looking for the proper Mr Right then you will want to ensure that you have someone who respects you.

If someone turns up on time it is a mark of respect for you more than their organisational ability - if they really want to get there and value you they will find a way apart from in an emergency. If a guy turns up late then he might not be right for you as he clearly doesn't value the preciousness of your time or meeting up with you.

Next, is he always respectful when out and about? If when at a restaurant he treats people with respect this is a good sign.

The next thing is his interest level - does he talk about himself all the time? If he does then this might not be a good sign. He should spend as much time asking about you as he does talking about himself, as it is important that he finds out and is interested in you too.

Finally does he love his family and is he close to them? Again if he does then it means he respects and values family values which will be important in the long run of the relationship - all these signs can help work out whether he is right for you or not.

By: Stephanie

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