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How To Test Drive A Car

Hobbies : Cars And Motoring

When you take a car on a test drive, you should try and find out how it performs in a few different scenarios.

After all, any car should be able to handle normal road travel, and if it can't then there is something seriously wrong!

However, to get a good feel for a car and how it compares to other cars, you should rather try it out on main roads, hills or slopes and also in traffic so you get a feel for it in stop-start conditions.

If you just drive it around the block a few times then you won't get a good idea of what it is like. Ease of acceleration is important for many and so therefore be sure to go onto a motorway if possible just for a short stretch - or dual carriageway - to see how the engine sounds whilst going at a higher speed rather than just seeing how it performs at 30 - 40 mph.

By: Fred

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