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The Dating Ad - Tips

Relationships : Dating Advice

If you are writing a dating ad, then another key tip to getting what you want is to state what you want.

There is no point being vague and coy about it as if you get replies they will not be what you are after and therefore a waste of time for both parties.

This means that if you want someone who doesn't smoke, then state it in your ad. Any major foibles that you just couldn't get on with then state them. Of course there is limited space but that's the minimum.

Also if you don't want someone who is over a certain height for instance - or indeed under - then state that. There is nothing wrong with saying what you want. Age range is another good criterion but just remember the more restrictive you are the less people that read the ad will be able to reply because many of them will fall naturally outside the range that you state.

Bottom line: by all means be fussy but don't rule out everyone from replying to your ad - that could be where you've been going wrong all these years!

By: Fred

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