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The Difference Between A Code And A Cipher

Games : Codes And Ciphers

As alluded to in some of the other items in this section, there are differences between a code and a cipher.

A cipher is a lower level substitution that works at the level of the individual letters that make up the plaintext.

Thus it will specify the possible substitutions for the letter 'A' through to letter 'Z' from the plaintext to the enciphered text.

A code however is higher level and works at the level of words. Therefore this sentence could be turned into the code '@!:[]{}~+'

If you have the code then you look up '@' and see that it refers to 'therefore' and so on.

Whilst codes are very secure unless someone has the codebook, they are slow to write as an extensive code book is required to cater for all the words you are likely to use.

They are also vulnerable because the code needs to be stored somewhere, whereas with a cipher the keyword can be stored in someones head, therefore even if the message is intercepted it can still be secure depending on how strong the cipher is.

By: Fred

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