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The Problems With False Nails

Beauty : Hands And Feet

If you use false nails on a one off basis, then you should be fine.

However for those of you who find it hard to grow your own nails but like the look of long nails, then you should be aware of issues that can occur with false nails.

Because they are not an organic product - as in your own nails - then they are more likely to carry bacteria and be prone to pick up bacteria that can cause problems such as yeast infections under your nails.

In addition, they are harder to treat than skin if infections do occur.

Therefore if you do use false nails or any sort of product to add length to the nail then you need to ensure that you don't overdo it.

Regularly give your nails a break of a couple of weeks to breathe and let air get into the nail, and if infection does occur then consult your doctor.

By: Stephanie

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