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The Real Way To Your Ex Back Fast

Relationships : Dating Advice

The real Way To Get Your Ex Back

What I am talking about here today is finding out if your Ex still loves you and if they do, Would you want them back?

If you do want them back then you need to know certain tactics and methods to stand a good chance of succeeding, Getting your ex back will not be easy if you try it on your own. It is proven that people that took the time to learn some basic skills in this area are more often successful in getting there ex back.

If you think your ex dosent still have feelings then you may be right, but what if you are wrong? wouldnt you regret no doing anything about it.

After breakups people will lie, say stuff like "No I dont want to see you" or "I Dont love you know more" problem is this is normally a lie. They have loved you so they still will, love does not just go away yes it fades but it will never be gone.

I know this from experience, I kept asking my Ex how can you not love me now when you did not even a week ago! She just replied "I dont know why!" this is because she did still love me, yes she decided that she didnt want to be with me at the time But she did still love me, as they will most often admit after you get back together.

This is because you will make alot of mistakes like try to get close or stay in contact with them all the time and this never works

Let me teach you how to get your Ex back, And answer that question Does My Ex Want Me Back?

Where To Start.

First Step is to try and get on with your life, get over the break up and try to live your life.
Ok I want you to start my limiting your contact with you ex, Try and stay away from him/her for as long as possible, Experts on this reccomend 30 days which seems like a long time, but as time passes it will become easier.

What To Do Next.

Next you want to write a letter to your Ex, I know this sounds crazy since we have phones and text messaging now now a days, But this is very effective even if it is just a note it will still work. Ask her how she/he is and agree with your Ex say "I think us spliting up was a good thing for the both of us"

What this will Create?

If you ex does not still have feelings for you, then you can still get them back. This is by using reverse psychology there are many techniques that will relight those feelings. I dont have time to really go into them now since it would take me some time to explain.

I wish you luck, Please do not try to get your ex back without learning some techniques or chances are you will push them further away.

By: Jay Swales

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