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The Ups And Downs Of Paypal

Money : EBay

Paypal has three big advantages:

1) It's easy to pay internationally with currency conversion occurring automatically

2) it's secure

3) If you are the Buyer, you should qualify for Buyer protection on most purchases

The downside is for the Seller - there is no protection at all for the Seller when things go wrong - if someone issues a chargeback wrongly, then Paypal will not only take the money out your account unless you can "prove" the item has shipped (e.g. parcel tracking code) but they will also sting you with a fee for the pleasure of this occurrance.

Unfortunately many people are wise to this and simply phone up their credit card company to query a payment made through Paypal, get a chargeback issued, and win an item for free.

By: Ebay User

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