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Things To Do In Jaipur

Travel : Destinations

Jaipur in India may not be top of your destination list, necessarily.

However if you ever find yourself there, then this is what you might like to do:

Explore the city first of all from an open topped rickshaw. And you really will experience it with this most authentic method of transport.

If you have been on one of those tame rickshaws or equivalent on the streets of London or another western city, then this is going to be a whole different experience again, but hopefully enjoyable, or at least relatively so!

There is a Raj Mandir cinema if you like Bollywood and also lots of good places to eat for a price that certainly won't break the bank.

Try authentic curry and if there is a cricket match on then you can experience the mind blowing atmosphere at one of these games, if you can get in!

By: Stephanie

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