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Tips For Your New Car To Retain Its Value

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Make sure your car is regularly serviced as this can add hundreds of pounds to its value, when 3 to 5 years old.

Entry level versions of cars are harder to sell second hand, especially if its an executive model. A decent, mid spec one with a couple of extras will keep its value the most.

Also steer clear of quirky limited editions, and unusual paintwork schemes. Bright neon colours will not sell well. Green is also thought to be unlucky. White on large cars makes them look like taxis, and black like hearses. Sober, metallic shades are the safest bet.

Avoid modifications as well, as this puts people off buying it. Leave the engine alone too.

Buying a common and popular car is good because its likely to be of interest to second hand car buyers. Avoid buying cars registered in December as the next month they will instantly be last years model.

Look after your car and repair any damaged bodywork and run down tyres. Dont smoke inside either as this will put buyers off.

By: Danielle

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