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Tips On Proposing

Relationships : Marriage

When it comes to proposing, it is sweaty palm time all round!

Even if it is expected and your partner knows to some extent that the proposal is coming it can be a nervous time, and difficult to pick what to do and when.

Some choose the traditional option, a grand romantic setting, others prefer something a lot more private which is probably easier as there is less room for embarrassment if something untoward should happen!

Well the first tip is to remember to get a great engagement ring, there is nothing like going to get engaged they say yes then you forget the ring (oops!)

Next think of something romantic that you can do. Now you might think a meal at a fancy restaurant, with champagne and all that... of course this works well, but there are other options.

Think - what does she REALLY like? What makes her happiest? What does she really enjoy?

Once you have found out what that is, comes the harder part... working in the proposal element. Could it be something you can do during the event or would it be too noisy and inappropriate? Could it be done after? Could you even get them to help out (the classic proposal at the football ground is not the most romantic location but the idea is good).

By: Stephanie

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