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How To Travel With A Laptop

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If you are going to travel on a plane with your laptop, then you want to ensure that it is secure and protected from damage during the journey. The first rule is always to keep it in your sight - never check it in and always keep an eye on it at the airport. If possible store it under the seat in front of you but if you can't do this then you will have to put it in the overhead locker. Keep it in the one as close to you as possible.

Make sure your case is heavily padded to minimise impact of turbulence and landing, and also that the case is big enough to fit the necessary accessories. Only take the wires, batteries and modems that you will need - if anything is surplus then leave it at home. Remember to find out what adaptors you will need for telephone and electrical lines. This is very important as you do not want to damage your computer.

Remove all disks from the drive and have a backup copy of all your work stored on the computer. If you are going to use it on the plane, then have a spare battery and remember to have enough power as you may be asked to switch it on when going through the security check at the X-ray machine.

If you are especially worried about theft, many office supply stores sell special covers that you can put your laptop in and then place it in an ordinary briefcase so it is not so obvious what it is. Similarly you could try packing it into a padded backpack, or getting a special one designed to carry laptops - these are available at computer shops and so on.

By: Bev Woolfson on Wed, May 15th 2002

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