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How To Trim A Hedge

DIY : Landscaping

As soon as a hedge has been planted, you should start caring for it by keeping it in a tidy condition. Young plants will benefit from this kind of training. After planting, cut a few inches from the top of the hedge, as this will encourage it to grow bushy and healthy looking plants. A string guide should be used to keep your hedges even, so to do this, you place a stake at either end of the hedge and tie a piece of string around them at whatever length you want the hedge to end up as. Follow the line made by the string with your hedge trimmers.

The hedge should be cut so that it is wider at the bottom, this way the sun will reach all the leaves and it will grow better. As you come towards the top, make the plants more tapered in. The hedge will need regularly trimmed during the season when it is growing the most, but off season it can be trimmed a little just to keep it from getting straggly and out of control.

By: Bev Woolfson on Mon, Apr 22nd 2002

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