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How To Understand Mens Mind

Relationships : Online Dating

When it comes to this, it might seem a bit of an impossible job - men think completely differently to women!

Whilst women may try to build a few quality relationships through online dating, the chances are that most men are using more of a scattergun approach and have contacted loads of different people, but the reply rate to their messages will generally be lower than to women.

Therefore if there is someone you like, then you can ask them up front how many other people they are contacting as they may be trying to have several on the go at once, though usually over time you can tell what sort of guy it is certainly not always, and you don't want to be one of many!

If you do decide to actually meet up, then that is the stage to ask them honestly how many prospects they have on the horizon - if they look you in the eye on the response they are probably telling the truth, if they pause or are awkward then it is likely they are being a bit creative with the truth!

By: Stephanie

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