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Unrequited Love: How To Overcome It

Relationships : Love

Unrequited love is one of the saddest things there is, and it is where you love someone but they don't love you back.

Most people experience this at some time in their lives - they are besotted with someone who either doesn't know they exist or is simply just wanting friendship and not a relationship.

The person of your affections may feel guilty but they can't help how they feel and you should understand that just like you didn't so much 'choose' to love them, they can't in turn 'choose' to love you.

It is very painful, and the first step is ACCEPTANCE that they don't feel the same. No hopeful wishes or what if, or maybe in time - just accept that they don't feel the same.

It can also help to ask and find out why.

You should ensure that you don't get down or depressed so the top tip is to get BUSY and keep on doing all the things you used to do, don't go off work or out of school or hide and cry. By keeping busy you help take your mind off things and even make opportunities to meet someone else automatically.

Be glad that you put your heart on the line and weren't afraid to do so. We all learn from life experiences like this in the long term.

Be philosophical and appreciate that some things just aren't meant to be even if we can't see that right now.

Many people who have had their hearts broken through unrequited love go on to say in future life that it was the best thing that happened to them as they did meet the love of their life later on.

By: Stephanie

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