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How To Untrain Your Dog From Being Litter-box Trained To Going Outside

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We got our dog at 11 weeks old (She is now 3 years old). She came from an abused home and they had litter box trained her - basically beating her to ONLY go "pottie" in the litter box and that's the ONLY place she will go since we got her.

The people we got her from also had left her outside all night a couple of times as punishment for not going in the box, in the cold January winter when she was just between 7 & 11 weeks old (before we got her). She won't even go outside in the winter time and it has taken some coaxing to get her outside when it's warm.

We have tried just about everything like, letting her outside with our older dog so she can see what to do (and giving the older dog a treat when she does her business hoping she'll see how she will get rewarded), had her pee on a towel over and over and set it outside in the yard for her to "sniff" her own scent, took her box away and let her outside every two hours, put her box outside (she won't go in it outside either). She will only go "pottie" IN the house IN her box. Anyone have any suggestions? We have been trying to "untrain" her since we got her and have had no luck. She's an absolute doll and this is the only problem we have with her. She's very obedient, loving and affectionate despite all she went through with the previous owner. She's not skiddish of people or us at all.

By: Drew on Tue, May 18th 2004

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First of all, I would say the dog has to be confident about going outside and, if you have to walk the dog rather than just letting it out into the yard, it must be comfortable with that and look forward to the walks.

Then, make sure the litter box is near the door. You will need to watch the dog like a hawk and the second it approaches the box, take it outside or let it out. Don't come in until it "goes". When it does, praise it effusively. Over and over and over..."what a GOOD dog", etc. etc. If the dog is totally neurotic in insisting on using the box, then you may need a duplicate outside. At some point, if you do this over and over again, it will start using the outside box. Then at another point, the inside box can be made to disappear and the box outside can be replaced with just some of the litter only.

The trick is to catch the dog immediately when it is going to use the box. NOT to let it use the box sometimes and not at others..

Try putting the litter box outside. Since your pet will only go in the box it will have to go outside. Then put sod in the box so your pet can get use to going on grass. If this works remove the litter box completely. Hope this helps you. .

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