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How To Use Binoculars Well

Hobbies : Birdwatching

To use binoculars well, you will need to practice. That should not come as too much as a shock!

Like anything in life, it takes hard work and dedication to get truly proficient at using a tool. And binoculars are no different.

The hardest thing often is to locate the small bird in a big tree or landscape when you look through the binoculars.

Point the binoculars in the approximate direction of the bird when you look through them, or alternatively pick up a distinct object on the horizon then adjust the binoculars until you have the bird in sight.

By practicing often locating a small object as quickly as you can through the binoculars you will soon become proficient.

When you are ready, it is great practice to try and locate an aeroplane against the clear sky and track its movement.

Note that you should not use binoculars if there is any danger of you catching the sun - this can seriously damage your eyes and even lead to blindness.

By: Stephen

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