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How To Use False Eyelashes

Beauty : Skincare

If you are applying false eyelashes to yourself or a friend, then you need patience and a gentle touch!

Therefore the most important part of the tip on how to use false eyelashes is - with care, and with time. Don't do in a rush as you will need to take your time over it.

The first thing that you need is a tissue to hold the eyelashes on and a special mirror that magnifies, which you probably already have for your makeup.

The trickiest part is to actually get hold of, then apply, the eyelash.

Do it once, though, then you just repeat the process so it gets easier!

Use your tweezers to hold the fake lash and dip into the glue.

Then comes the tricky bit - manoeuvring the fake lash as close as you can to the bottom of your own lash. You then need to press firmly (never with something sharp!) for a few seconds so that the glue can hold.

Once they are all done then it would be worth using an eyeliner to help hide the fake lash then use mascara as normal.

The bottom line is that your eyes will look larger and have more attention drawn to them through the illusion created by the longer lashes.

Just be sure that you take your time and are careful - don't poke yourself in the eye! Finally, when ready to come out after the party or social occasion, use tweezers to pull off the lashes.

By: Stephanie

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