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How To Use Problems To Sell Products

Business : ECommerce

When you think about it, what is it that really makes a product sell?

Well, there are various possibilities of course. But one common reason is to solve a problem.

When you buy a house for a first time, you buy a lot of things. Why? Well, you need to wash your clothes. You have a problem in that you can't wash your clothes. The solution is to buy a washing machine.

And so on.

We may not think in these terms, but most life decisions can be couched in the terms of trying to solve a problem - we need to eat - problem: we have no food - solution: go to the shops.

Knowing this, you can apply the idea to the copy that is associated with your products that you sell online.

Address people's problems and show how your gagdet or information could help.

For instance, if you sell an eBook on confidence, you could state things thus:

"Problem: you want to ask a man you find really attractive on a date but are too shy to do so.

Solution: with this eBook you will be able to overcome your fears, get confident, and ask out the man of your dreams and more.

By selling on tangibles rather than just stating the eBook will help you gain confidence, you can help relate the product to the lives of the individuals and make it relevant to them.

By: Stephen

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