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How To Use Questions To Improve Your Sales

Business : Marketing

When it comes to obtaining a sale with your marketing calls, there are some key questions to ask to help you get the sale that you desire.

Firstly, you must always ask the person on the line if they have time to talk. If not they will just resent you and want you off the phone and certainly won't buy from you at all.

Secondly, you need to make sure you engage in conversation rather than just rattle off a speel at them.

You need to use questions and subtle probing to try to awaken a need inside them for your product or service so that you are almost helping them out by filling their need rather than just shoving a product down their throat.

There are certain steps you should follow when marketing sometimes referred to the 'C's of marketing, explained in more detail in another article in this section.

By: Fred

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