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How To Use The Subway In New York

Travel : Destinations

This metro system is so big and extensive it can be confusing to work out where you are going nevermind getting there!

It therefore pays and makes sense to work out in the comfort of your hotel before going out where you want to go and planning the route as doing so on the metro system itself can be a little confusing.

Note that it takes some time to reach your destination so leave a good 30 - 1 hour depending on the length of your journey.

Remember that you need to work out whether you can get a local or express train. That's because unlike on some undergrounds not all stations are 'full time' and stopped on by every train. To tell this you have to look at the symbol - a black or white circle for a full or part time respectively.

In terms of cost it is worth getting a metro card for ease of use and also to reduce the overall cost of your journeys.

By: Fred

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