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Useful Information To Add To Your Website

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Why not add a hints and tips section to your website? Too many people focus on just communicating their main messages through their website. This is great, as if you sell products then certainly the focus on sales should be the main drive of your site.

And if you are selling information products then again having those products prominent and describing them is great.

But why not combine also hints and tips and add value to your site that way? For instance, imagine you are selling pashmina shawls to people on your site.

Why not add a tips section that contains ideas on how you could wear the shawls. Get some photos of a model wearing the shawls in the different styles to show the versatility and number of uses. This way you add interesting and useful content to your site and differentiate yourself from those who just provide the sell, sell, sell method with their sites!

By: Fred

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