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Valentines Day Home-made Gift Ideas

Hobbies : Gifts

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Make a book

Make a binded book for your loved one, where you can add photos of notes into it.

You will need:
blank paper (30-100 sheets, depending how thick you want your book)
card-board - 2 sheets, for front and back covers
pretty paper* - 2 types, for inside and outside of covers
ribbon - a few feet long, 6 mm (1/4") wide
hole-punch (or power drill: optional)
glue stick
bull clips

Lay out your blank paper.
Cut out two sheets of cardboard exactly the same size as your blank paper, e.g. 6" by 8". Take one of the cardboard pieces and draw two vertical lines on it. The first line should be 1" (2.5cm) from the left edge, and the second line should be just under 1 " (exactly 3.5cm) from the left edge.
Repeat for the other piece of cardboard.
Using scissors or a craft knife, cut along the the lines you drew in the previous step.
Cut out two pieces of nice paper for the outside of the covers. Each piece should be 1 " longer and 1 " wider than the blank paper.
Place one of your nice sheets of paper face-down, and draw a " border in pencil all the way around.
Use your glue stick to glue the cardboard onto the nice paper like this, so that it lines up with the border you drew in the previous step. Make sure that you cover the whole face of cardboard with glue, not just the edges.
This will be the back cover. The gap in the cardboard will be the "hinge" that makes the book easy to open.
If you're using thin paper (e.g. wrapping paper), it's better to apply the glue to the paper than to the cardboard, otherwise the paper can wrinkle up.
Thin paper tends to swell from the moisture in the glue. By applying the glue direct to the paper, you give the paper a chance to swell before it's in contact with the cardboard.
Do the same thing for the front cover. Make sure that you glue the paper on the right way up.
Fold the corners over as far as they'll go, and glue them in place.
Do the same for the other cover.
Fold the edges in, and glue them in place too.
Cut out two sheets of paper for the inside of the covers.
Then, glue the paper onto the inside of the covers.
Time to punch the holes.
If you use a single punch, punch through the covers and sheets one by one.
Now it's time to do the actual binding, which is the really clever part of the Japanese way of how to make a book.
You'll need a piece of ribbon that's 6 times as long as the book is tall. Wrap the ribbon throughout the holes, and bind together.

Home-Made Bath Bombs

You will need:
Glass mixing bowl
Spritzer/spray bottle
Bath Bomb Molds
Essential Oil Set
1 cup citric acid
(alternative: 1/2 cup cream of tartar)
2 cups baking soda
20-30 drops of essential oil - you might need more or less depending on the strength of the fragrance.
1 tablespoon of almond oil, apricot oil, or olive oil (optional)
15-20 drops of food coloring (optional) (for color)
A tiny bit of water

To make colorful bath bombs mix the food colors, (red, yellow, blue)

Where to get citric acid?
Some supermarkets have it, or you can buy online from places like eBay.

Put on gloves.
Mix together citric acid and baking soda in the bowl, mix thoroughly.
Add essential oils and food coloring. Mix with hands rapidly before the mixture fizzes.
Spray water onto mixture, a tiny bit at a time. Continue mixing. Pack the mixture tightly into molds.
Tap the mold to release the bath bomb.
Let the bomb dry for a couple of hours in a warm and dry place. Do not put in direct sunlight.
You could place the bombs in tissue paper to help them dry.
Use within a few weeks otherwise they will stop fizzing.

Hand Sewn Water Bottle Cover

You will need:
A wool scarf or blanket
Embroidery floss
Sewing needle
Scraps of cotton fabric
1 button
A hot water bottle

Tape together several pieces of paper to make a sheet of paper which is larger then the hot water bottle you are using.
Trace around the water bottle onto the paper with pencil.
Using this trace as a guide draw a line 1 inch wider then your hot water bottle.
Cut around this outer line and then fold the tracing in half.
Trace around the paper to get the other half of the template.
Cut out the final template.
To make the template for the back of your hot water bottle cover, draw a dot in the middle of the template.
Now, draw a line 1 inch above this mark.
Trace around the bottom half of your template onto a fresh piece of paper, up to the line. Rule a line to connect the edges of your tracing.
Now, draw a line 1 inch below the mid-point of your template.
On a fresh piece of paper, trace around the top half of your template down to this line, and rule it off.
Cut out both your shapes, and you will have your complete set of templates for making your hot water bottle cover, a front cover and two back halves.
Pin your templates on to your woolen fabric, and cut around them carefully to get three pieces of fabric.
The next thing to do is decorate the big piece that will become the front of your hot water bottle cover.
Cut out three heart shapes using scrap cotton fabric.
Of course you can use any shape you like, and any sort of fabric.
Once you have decided on a pattern, you'll want to pin your shapes onto the front of your hot water bottle cover.
After sewing, trim the middle heart down a bit, and use scissors to make little snips in the outer to hearts around their edges to make a sort of "ruffle".
Sew a small button into the center of the heart.
Now it's time to sew together your hot water bottle cover.
Pin together your front cover to the two back pieces. The two back pieces will over-lap at the back.
Now using blanket stitch, sew around the outer edge to sew your pieces together.
To use it, you put the hot water bottle inside its cover by slipping it between the back flaps.

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By: Jade

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