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How To Warm Up Your Portfolio Pictures


If the pictures in your portfolio look a little cold, then consider taking some photos with candlelight in the background.

Not only does this help add some atmosphere and scene to the images but the colours it gives will naturally flatter the body and that's just what you want.

Also remember that the worst thing for a photo is for it to be too dark - then you either can't be seen right or people think you have something to hide!

It is actually much better to have the photo too bright if anything, lots of light is a good thing.

If there is lots of light, then this again will help to flatter the figure as it can overpower those lines or any wrinkles.

Notice how photos of older celebs on magazine covers often blast them with light for precisely this reason it makes the face look younger. Just don't go overboard as if your features start disappearing then, well, you have gone too far!

By: Stephanie

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