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How To Wash A Cat In The Bath

Pets : Cats

Sometimes it's better to run the bath before your cat comes into the room as many cats get panicky by the sound of water gushing from the taps. Always make sure you use a special cat shampoo - don't use your own as it can irritate a cat's skin.

You might want to wear rubber gloves in case the cat panics and starts to claw at your arms. Many people say that to stop this it is better if you get in the bath with the cat - this helps to calm it down. Alternatively, why not place a towel in the bottom of the bath or sink so that it has something to grip onto.

Rather than pouring the water over the them to rinse, a shower head on a low spray might work better. If this is not possible, then gently scoop the water over them or let the tap run over them gently. Rinsing is important as cats always groom themselves and so they will swallow any remnant of shampoo etc left on their fur. But take care not to spray water in the cat's eyes-

After washing and rinsing, pat dry with a towel and comb through the fur. Remember to rinse the sink or bath thoroughly too.

By: Bev on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

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