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Facts About Water

Doc says:

The average person consumes over 15,000 gallons of water if they live to age 68.

Water must be filtered if you want clear ice cubes.
However if you boil the water before placing it into trays, this will allow a number of minerals that cause the cloudiness, to dissipate into the air.

If you are thirsty, remember that the body prefers, a cool supply of water, which it can absorb easily. Hot water in the form of tea or coffee, is not absorbed as well and may act as a diuretic ,and actually cause the body to excrete more water.

About 70 % of the human body is water.
If you weigh 150 lbs, your body contains about 90 lbs of water.

If you suffer from any form of Cardiovascular disease, it would be best not to drink ice cold water. The cold may cause a sudden drop in tissue temperature, and may cause unnecessary shock to the system.
Also the digestive system will function more efficiently if you drink tepid water.
However it is best if we donít drink any water with our meals, since water will dilute stomach acids and digestive enzymes.

There is a higher risk of contaminants, in hot tap water, than cold tap water. The heat tends to hold the contaminants better.
Boiling hot tap water, tends to release contaminants.

Many people ask if it is best to drink ice water or room temperature water when thirsty.
The answer is drink ice water which will quench your thirst faster, because it will cause the stomach to constrict, thereby forcing the water into the small intestine, where it will be absorbed into the bloodstream faster.

Home filtered systems are only capable of removing larger particulate matter, which leaves a good percentage of the small ones, such as bacteria and viruses. One out of 12 homes in America use bottled water, as their main source of drinking water.

Best to get rid of ice cubes in a few days.
If ice cubes sit in trays for more than a few days, they tend to pick up freezer odor, and a degree of contamination from the air, when the freezer is frequently opened.
It would be wise to wash the cubes before using them.

Let the tap water run for 2 - 3 minutes in the morning. This is in case any contaminants have seeped in over night.

The ocean contains 97 % of the earthís water as salt water.

All alcoholic drinks require one cup of water per drink to metabolize the alcohol.

If water is called for in a recipe, than it should be between 60 - 80 degrees. Allow the water you are going to use to stand, at room temperature for 30 minutes before using.

When you drink a non diet soft drink, the sugar must be broken down by the body.
This process is normally conducted in the small intestine, which requires water to break down the sugar. This may cause you to be, thirstier than before you tried to quench, your thirst with the soft drink. If you are really thirsty, the best drink is water.

Brain contains 76 % water
Kidneys contain 83 % water
Heart contains 74 % water
Bone contains 22 % water
Muscle contains 75 % water
Blood contains 82 % water
Lungs contain 86 % water
Saliva contains 94 % water
Liver contains 86 % water
Perspiration contains 95 % water

By: Bev

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