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How To Water Your Lawn

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Experts say that before you begin to care for your lawn properly, you have to know what kind of soil your lawn has, so to find out, get a trowel and take a small sample of the soil. If there is a high clay content it doesn't need much watering, but if it is quite sandy then watering will need to be done more often. The lawn needs an inch of water a week to stay healthy, so if you dig about 4-6 inches down and the soil is dry, you definitely need to begin a watering regime.

The best time to get your hose out and start watering is actually early in the morning or late in the evening, this way less water is evaporated by the sun so you need less water. Give it a good water once a week on average to encourage healthy growth, and if you do it in the morning then there is less chance of a fungus invading your lawn, as you are giving it time to dry.

When you water with a hose, be careful not to over-soak one area of the lawn as the water will start to run everywhere. Spray the water evenly, and if you are unsure when to stop, use your trowel trick again to dig deep into the soil, and if it is moist then you have given enough water.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sat, Jun 22nd 2002

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Lets do this the right way. I've always had a green carpet lawn.

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Lets do things the right way. Get that lawn growing. Mine always looks like a ca...
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