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How To Wear Hair That Is Neither Long Nor Short

Beauty : Haircare

A lot of us go through a time where we either transition our hair from short to long or something similar and there is an annoying in between length that lasts a while whilst the hair is neither one thing nor the other.

If your hair is in this stage, then what can you do to make it look good in between?

Well the simplest thing is to use some simple accessories to style the hair.

Be sure to keep the fringe out of your eyes with a simple headband, or slide it back over your ears.

You can also just use a simple ponytail with the hair combed back - whilst it is that length in other words there are many simple things you can do to have it still looking fine.

By: Stephanie

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Im 11 years old and i have shoulder lengh hair but some days i feel like put my hair down but i can`t because im at a school where you have to put your hair up but im fed up with putting it up all the time got any hair styles that look good?

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