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How To Weigh Up Starting A Business

Career : Career Development

Sometimes you will decide that the next stage in your career development may well be to start your own company, rather than to get the next step up the ladder in someone else's organisation - whether large or small.

If that's what you decide to do, then it can be hard to weigh up whether that is the right next step.

Be sure to ask yourself why you want your own business - is it for increased autonomy, purely for a new challenge, or some deep and long lasting desire to be your own boss one day?

Often the things we want in our business can be fulfilled with a career move within another company - for instance moving to a smaller business can greatly increase the autonomy you have as roles will not normally be as tightly defined or quite as process driven as in larger organisations.

If you do seriously consider going it alone, then be sure to take your time and work out what you might do in advance.

Remember that if you have negative feelings about your current job this might drive you to look for something else and apply false hopes to it.

Therefore the best time to actually look to start your own business is when you are quite content where you are at present - that will enable you to assess the opportunity in a more objective manner.

By: Job Expert

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