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What Colors Say About You!

Self Development : Happiness

Do you have a favorite color, do you decorate your home in that color, or wear that color.
Believe it or not the colors you choose can reflect your personality.

So what do those colors say about you?

Red is often seen as a passionate color, the color of love, and danger.
Those who surround themselves in this color, are optimistic and outgoing.
If you surround yourself in red, you are normally a passionate person, who loves life.

Blue is seen as a calm color, with the sky and sea being shades of blue, blue is seen as a natural color.
Those who surround themselves in Blue are normally calm and serene people.
If you surround yourself in blue, you are normally a peaceful calm free character.

Green again is seen as a natural color. It is earthy and grounded, and if you love green normally you
will be a very grounded person to, who is down to earth.
Those who surround themselves in Green, like balance in their life.

Yellow Mellow.. Yellow is seen as the sunny color, that brings life.
Those who love surrounding themselves in Yellow are adventurous, spirited and intellectual.
If you surround yourself in Yellow, it is likely that you value freedom and love being outdoors.

Those who love purple have a flair about them. Those who surround themselves in this color
can be dramatic, they are normally arty people who dont like to follow conventions.

Black is seen as a classy color, it is dark and mysterious.
Those who love Black like to impress, they like the finer things in love and like to surround themselves by material things.

White is sometimes seen as clinical and innocent color. It is often seen as pure and blank.
However those who favor this color are often youthful characters who like the simple things in life.

Orange is bold and bright.
Those who love Orange tend to be outgoing, sociable and friendly.
Although those who love Orange can also show signs of wanting to be the center of attention.

The color of expense and glamour. Those who love Gold love elegance and luxury, they are often warm people.

Those who love grey love peace and tranquility. They are often very modern people who do not like confrontation.

The color of affection. Those who love Pink love attention.
Pink lovers are often funny and charismatic.

By: Jade

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